Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie

All Eric wanted for his birthday was a pecan pie, so I planned to make one in Columbia, SC while he was in class. Spencer found a recipe for Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie, and we gave it a shot. We used fake maple syrup instead of the real stuff (7 dollar difference: you do the math.)
and I think that (plus cup plus two tablespoons of dark corn syrup) contributed to it's sickly sweetness. But I suppose it's not a pecan pie unless you're eating congealed buttery sugar.

We doubled the bourbon (just dumped the whole airplane bottle in), but I still didn't really taste it. It was my job to watch the pie, and I let it get a bit dark while watching Project Runway on Youtube. All in all, this is a good pecan pie, and even better with some icecream to cut the sweetness.

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