Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fruit Tarts

I basically followed this Joy of Baking Recipe

a few pointers:
tart pans help. I used ramekins.
brush the tart with jam before piping in pastry cream. It will keep the tart from getting soggy. Jam on top will also help the fruit stay fresh.

For most of the tarts, I piped the pastry cream into the shells, so they were prettier than this.

Can you tell that Eric liked them?
I didn't get a picture of the tarts that I took to the boss, but they were small with raspberries and peaches or plums. Some were brushed with blueberry jam. To be truly french, the boss pointed out, they will be brushed with Apricot Jam.


  1. Eric looks like a literal fox in that picture. That is too much goodness to handle.

  2. I'm surprised that anything makes it to the restaurant! That look says it all! It's not a wonder he hasn't shared with us!