My name is Mikaela Fox. Actually, my name is really Mikaela Fuchs, but Fuchs is pronounced Fox.  So says my husband's family.  I try to avoid confusion by spelling it f-o-x sometimes.

So here's the story:

I have an art degree.  My mother warned me that I wouldn't be able to find a job after I graduated, but I was all like "Lay off mom, I do what I want.  I'm an ARTIST."  After I graduated I lived the high life in NYC working at an internship with International Arts Movement for a while, but then I got married and moved to Augusta, GA.  Of course, what kind of job do you get with an art degree in a medium-sized, not overly cultured town if you don't want to teach?

My thought process was, "I like to work with clay.  I like to make pots.  I like bread.  Bread is like clay- you knead it and form it and wait for awhile and then "fire" it.  I will be a baker."  I really liked the idea, so I presented myself at the only place in town that made bread, and they told me I could be a waitress and make dessert.  I said okay.

This worked out well, because my diet consists of fruits, vegetables, grains (all that good stuff) and DESSERT.  It's about 50/50, healthy/dessert.  I've convinced myself that's ok, and please don't try to tell me otherwise.  I eventually ditched the waitressing part and started making bread and now that's what I do- I make bread and dessert and screenprint paper goods and make other art.

This blog is my record, it proves to me and everyone else that yes, I am making things in my life!  If you'd like to check out the art side of what I'm doing, skip on over to my other blog: The Hungry Fox.
(That's confusing, isn't it?  The non-food blog is called the Hungry Fox.  Well, I guess that's why he's hungry, there's no food there.)

Anyway, stick around and get your fixes here.

To contact me, email me at thehungryfoxaugusta@gmail.com

Husband Eric and Me