Saturday, November 14, 2009

Triple Layer Mousse

Normally, I am not such a fan of mousse, but I love the salted caramel in this, and the flavors combine very nicely.

They were a hit at the restaurant.

I adapted this recipe from Tartlette.

and I'll let you check out her blog for the recipe, but I do have a few notes:

1. When making the vanilla base, don't let the egg mixture boil. It curdles something digusting and will set into something like grainy, grits-looking, hard-set jello. This is different from pastry cream, which you do boil. I suppose the difference is gelatin in mousse and corn starch in pastry cream. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

2. Also, I let my mixtures cool until they were really set- I even put my vanilla base in the fridge. I think this was a mistake, because it became chunky when blended with the chocolate and caramel. My chocolate was also pretty hard. I think it would nice nice if everything was on the warm side of room temperature, because then you might have a shot at pouring the layers into your ramikins. (Her pictures show layers that are smooth as if poured- I had to pipe mine in.)

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