Sunday, November 8, 2009

Witness my childhood beliefs take a nose-dive

Some of my favorite things are the show Unsolved Mysteries, creature-sightings and other outlandish theories.

I started this post because I just found a great website about the 2012 Apocalypse theories. Lots of articles and suppositions to browse through.

I can't say that I believe in most conspiracies, alien sightings, end-times predictions, but I find these mysteries and the people who consider them all to be very fascinating.

That said, I do firmly believe that:

Dinosaurs still live today, even if on a small scale in the depths of jungles and the ocean.
The Loch Ness Monster is a dinosaur.

And here's where my internet browsing debunked all my reasoning behind those beliefs. And I couldn't stop it!

I get most of my information about dinosaurs from Dr. Kent Hovind, a creationist who I saw speak in a week-long lecture series at a church in Chattanooga, TN when I was a little girl. My parents bought the videos of these talks, and I studied them religiously in my formative years.

Clearly, it makes perfect sense that the flood explains much of our world's geography, and that Noah brought little dinosaurs on the ark. Apparently, there was a water canopy surrounding the earth in the atmosphere that shielded the earth from harmful rays and provided optimal temperate climate for the dinos to grow. This canopy broke to cause the flood, and thereafter the dinos couldn't grow as large and were eventually mostly killed off by dragon slayers. (Hence, stories of firebreathing dragons are true, too.) It fits together perfectly when he's the only one talking, for sure.

I guess my confidence in Dr. Hovind was first shaken started while I was going to school at Virginia Tech, on one fateful night when I was seriously disillusioned after hearing Dr Hovind speak at a creation-evolution debate.

He is, in fact, a bit of a jerk. Also his theories are definitely not as sound as I once thought them to be.

And according to a quick google search, he is actually currently serving a ten year prison sentance for some rather bizarre white-collar crimes that mostly include tax evasion. Also (my, this is degrading quickly) he believes some rather outlandish conspiracies about our government, the ones that may be true but I'd rather not consider.

So Kent Hovind is not the scientific genius I once believed him to be. It appears a lot of people really dislike him and he's rather a fraud. It's strange because his voice still sounds so familiar, and it still kind of reminds me of kermit the frog.

Here's his ministry's slightly delusional POV.
And here's wikipedia's take.
and here we have
this is a site that debunks many of Hovind's theories.

All that said, I still really like the idea of dinosaurs surviving. I may have to go try to prove their existence myself. Look for more internet proof to come on The Fox Fix!

Is this a random thing to post on a baking blog? Perhaps. Have I lost all credibility? You tell me.


  1. haha. ok i actually went red with embarrassment for you while reading the paragraph that starts with "Clearly, it makes perfect sense..."

  2. is the sarcasm in the "clearly, it makes perfect sense" not evident?
    c'mon, I know I was misguided, but I'm coming to terms. Also, you believe in bigfoot, Leah.

  3. i do. i totally believe in bigfoot.