Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving week!

Thanksgiving Pie on the Porch!

Sorry I've been sort of MIA here; it's been a crazy Thanksgiving week. I had 6 cake orders, in addition to normal baking for the restaurant and the in-laws coming and my first cooking of the Thanksgiving meal.

I was mad excited to have so many orders. I drove around with Linda the day before thanksgiving, trying to drive Eric's stick shift smoothly, delivering my goods. I made 2 Hummingbird cakes, a PB Cup cheesecake, a Banana Cake from Cakelove, a Gateau de Crepe, and a flourless chocolate torte. Let's just say it was a stressful 36 hours.

I was invited into a couple of the residences, both extremely unique slash ridic by Augusta standards.
One man makes couture mosaic belt buckles that he sells at high end craft shows and have been seen on stars at the CMAs. (picture him with long graying hair pulled back in a low ponytail, hit denim shirt half untucked and the glint of buckle just visible below his slight paunch.) He energetically gave me the tour: he showed me a Starry-Night painted refrigerator, a black casket-turned wine closet, a creepy framed decaying receipt for a slave sale and countless gem-encrusted butterfly belt buckles. He was so impressed that I pulled through with the torte, that he payed me 20% extra, kapow!

One woman has turned her home into a shrine for the arts, and she does not discriminate; she loves art of all kinds. Her entryway is full of African masks, her kitchen decorated in a south-west theme with blue tile counters and tastefully distressed cabinets with Anthro pulls, the front of each step on the stairway leading to the upper level are lined with mish mash of painted ceramic tiles, and livingroom walls covered, simply loaded with oil paintings, each overwhelmed by massive and ornate gold frames. Linda, the art historian, was drawn to the carved Moroccan chest supporting the 4 ft wide TV. She said it reminded her of the sarcophagi that she studies.

The rest I delivered to the restaurant, quiet on the eve of Thanksgiving, which meant I could finally relax.
Oh, no wait. We still had to have our own Thanksgiving.

We roasted our turkey upsidedown and overnight at 225. It turned out well. I used Martha's recipe for Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie, and I couldn't have asked for better pie, also her honey-glazed carrots and gravy. When in doubt, I turn to Martha. And she rarely fails.

Our love nest where we slept while we gave our bed to the parents:

Our couches make a square when pushed together! Separate, they are very nice too.

And now, in the aftermath of Thanksgiving, my house is cleaner now that it ever has been before, thanks to Linda Fuchs.

The Fuches taking a computer break:

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