Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lime Cheesecake turned Chocolate Lime Tarts

Saturday was quite the fiasco.

I made a Lime Cheesecake for the restaurant, but Rootbeer got spilled on a little part of it. (you can see where I scraped it off in the picture below.) (don't ask me how rootbeer got spilled on the cheesecake).
I brought this half to Fred's for the boys to eat while they watched the VT vs Miami game. It was probably good that I didn't serve it to patrons, because the cheesecake by itself was a little tart. It did have a ginger cookie crust, though.

The cheesecake, tart though it was, paired beautifully with chocolate pastry cream.

I had some pastry cream left over from the day before, so I made a chocolate ganache by melting some chocolate and cream, and then mixed it into the pastry cream with some cocoa powder. It made a delicious, chocolatey cream.

So as a quick fix for the restaurant, I piped the chocolate into tart shells I whipped up, and then piped the unblemished lime cheesecake filling on top. An AMAZING combination.

I had to go in to the restaurant on Saturday night to help the other baker with a traditional French wedding cake, called a Croquembouche. Basically creampuffs stuck together in a christmas tree shape.

(this is not the cake we made, but it looked very similar)

The puffs are stuck together with hot caramel inside of funnel lined with parchment paper. It is done upside down, then flipped over for the final product.
I dipped the puffs in caramel and handed them over to be placed in the funnel. The experience was punctuated with screams of pain when the caramel dripped on our gloves, burning and sticking to our skin. I got a really bad burn on my finger that blistered almost immediately. Caramel is dangerous stuff- boiling melted sugar that sticks to you.

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