Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes!!!

These are my favorite cupcakes so far. Chocolate Stout Cupcakes, Whiskey Chocolate Filling, and Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting. SpecTACular.

I've wanted to make these for awhile, and I actually found a recipe for the exact thing I wanted, on Smitten Kitchen. (Which almost disappointed me, I sort of wanted to try my hand at creating the thing out of the air.) I think next time I will adjust it- maybe try a whiskey glaze instead of filling- although filling in cupcakes is like, the most heavenly surprise.

This recipe is excellent- the cakes domed perfectly, chocolately and moist.

I used the cap of the bailey's bottle to dig little circles out of the tops of the cupcakes, then a knife to dig out a little more. I used a measuring spoon to drop the ganache in each hole, then recovered with the little cake cap I'd removed. I've read you can also use a knife and cut a cone-shape out of the top, fill up, and replace. I liked my method, though next time I might try to make the holes wider.

I couldn't really taste the whiskey in the chocolate filling. Next time I'd add more (I added 2 T) or try a whiskey glaze.

The icing is my favorite part- I love Bailey's. We made mint Bailey's cupcakes for my bachelorette party. I wonder if it would go well with a cream cheese frosting? Is there a difference between icing and frosting? What exactly is blogging etiquette about posting recipes? As long as I give credit is it ok? Why doesn't Eric like cake? How many pounds have I gained since starting this blog? These questions and more I wonder while baking...

MAKE THESE CUPCAKES. YOUR LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE. (and if it's not, send em on over to me.)

We have lots of guinness left over now, and Eric and I tried Irish Car Bombs on saturday night, but it was sort of a waste because we went to bed immediately afterwards. Party people, thats us.

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