Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apple Tart

What a wonderful way to pound some puff pastry.

3 or 4 apples; I used granny smith
brown sugar, a cup or so
some cinnamon, maybe a teaspoon? or more?
and a squirt of lemon juice.
1 sheet of puff pastry

Defrost the puff pastry and unfold. Preheat to 350. Peel your apples, half them and scoop out the core. Cut each half into skinny slices and put into a bowl. Cover the slices with the sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice, and let sit for a few minutes.

Arrange the apples in a few rows, very close together. Cram as many apples as you can on that sheet of pastry, leaving an inch or an inch and a half around the edge, which you can either leave flat or fold up and squeeze in pleats to keep it there.

Bake on a baking sheet for 20-30 min, until golden brown. I snagged a few apples on the drive to the restaurant and they are TASTY.

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