Sunday, December 20, 2009

Super Extreme Chocolate Cake

This cake is chocolate like, whoa. Chocolate cake, chocolate pastry cream, chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. It's not your everyday cake, as I used more than a dozen eggs to make it, and who who can begin to say how much butter?

This cake was also a bit of a mess, because
A. there was pastry cream
B. the top layer kind of broke in half, but I thought it would be okay under all the icing. It was okay in a "this cake is staying together and will taste wonderful" way, but not a "serving this for a catered Christmas party at a nice restaurant" way. It was kind of oblong on top. Not my finest moment.

And when the flour finally settled and I was ready to deliver, everything from the floor to my hair was COVERED in chocolate. Story of my life recently.

(You will be happy to know that I got my car towed to a fix-it-place and they replaced my water pump and it was $335 which isn't awesome but could've been worse, and I have it back and everything is ok now.)

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