Wednesday, January 13, 2010

St Louis

Hi hi hi! I'm back!

We had a lovely Christmas vacation; we traveled to Knoxville, TN where we spent Christmas with my family. From there, we went to the Urbana Conference in St. Louis, MO. We met up with Eric's sister Christine and stayed in a fantastic hotel room downtown that had windows all around. We woke up and saw the tops of sky scrapers and snow coming down and we could crane our necks and see the St. Louis Arch around the corner!

We ate lots of Imo's St Louis-style pizza (tasted like Nachos to me!) and we had Cupcakes from the Cupcakery- YUM.

Yes, the conference was great but I must say one of the best parts was visiting the CITY MUSEUM!!
Oh, it was indescribable! Truly, I've found my favorite playground in the world.

We couldn't go outside because of the snow, but see it?!?! An old plane fuselage, a castle turret, massive slinkies to crawl through, metal trees...
It was like someone sprinkled James and the Giant Peach magic powder on a junkyard and this unreal place grew up out of it.

It was built in an old show factory, so these slides were chutes that were 9 and 12 stories high- turned into ginormous slides! So fun!
You can also see an old pipe organ that was installed all along the corridor; it filled the huge space with watery echoey music.

And there was a white whale! and a shoelace factory! and a human-size hamster wheel! and labyrinths! and creatures!

And a circus! Oh, yes- a circus.

A circus training school, to be exact. Such young boys and girl, little jacked 5+ year olds doing flips and balancing...I want to join the circus.

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