Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Calendar and reminiscing about 2010

Happy New Year! I meant to say that to you on January 1st...how is it January 11th already? There hasn't been enough time to fit everything I want to do in, but let me show you what's been taking up the bulk of my time:

The Hungry Fox 2011 Calendar!

Each month is hand drawn, lettered and then screen printed. Screen printing involved pulling the ink for each color individually across each poster, so each month is a fine art print.

To see close ups and details of every month of the calendar, check out The Hungry Fox blog. You can also purchase the calendar on Etsy for a mere $35. That's 12 framable art prints for less than $3 each.

So the calendar is looking forward to 2011, but let's take a second to look back at 2010.

I baked a lot of bread...

I went on a lot of trips, like to Florida, Lake Skaneateles, Virginia, and Ithaca!

check out that frozen waterfall!

and baked a lot for Sara's wedding in October! All the gorgeous photographs are by Ruby Sky Photography.

check out the recipes: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

My New Years Resolutions are pretty typical for me... organization, time management, eating healthy, blog more...I haven't made that much progress yet, but that's pretty typical too. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

We spent New Year's in Outer Banks, North Carolina at our friend Fred's beach house. We're talking sumptuous home-cooked meals, puzzles, walks on the beach, karaoke bar, bad movies and beach football...all the best components of a lazy, relaxing vacation.

The part of Outer Banks where we were staying was called Rodanthe, and it was such a lonely, lovely place. Several of the houses on the beach were almost falling into the ocean. The waves were swirling around the supports underneath the houses, the wooden stairs touching nothing, dangling just above the water. Apparently the top part of the island is slowly eroding away, and the sediment is being deposited at the bottom of the island. It's like the place is trying to creep south. The sky was always gray and hazy, making it impossible to see much beyond the next curve of the beach. Winter on the beach is so peaceful.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?

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  1. A successful garden and a finished to-do list, happy kids, a content husband, and a sold house... is that too much?