Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Night of One Thousand Cupcakes....Part Two

Every horror movie has a sequel, right?

A lovely lady who I met at the bridal show asked me to make Lemon Blueberry and Mint Chocolate cupcakes for her wedding. 300 of each, to be exact. (that's 600 total, folks.)

All day Friday I baked loads and loads of cupcakes, screen printing in between while batches cooled (check out The Hungry Fox for some of the aforementioned printing.)

And playing continuously in the background the whole day was.....the TWILIGHT SAGA.

Consider this my coming out! I have joined hands with millions of Twilight lovers all over the world. It's ridiculous and dramatic and yes, it is awesome. Try it for yourself before you judge me...and then call me so we can gush about it together! (for your listening delight, all four audiobooks are posted on youtube.)

I went to dinner with friends that night, and I felt so odd emerging from my hazy baking and vampire-induced trance...I learned that I don't need to make a habit of spending the day all alone with cupcakes and Cullins. It makes me weird.

I put my cupcakes to bed in their coffins- erm, I mean boxes- and covered them in trash bags to keep them from drying out over night.

These are my schmancy new mini cupcake boxes, which I ordered from this site.

I finished EXACTLY on time, with EXACTLY the right amount of frosting.

The photographer sent me a few photos of the cupcakes in action...

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  1. Ahhhh! Those look the best, the best!
    (and the most professional)