Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I bake bread now!

Friends! I'm so glad you're here.

I have fantastic news.

I am now the bread baker at the restaurant. Former baker is finally moving to Virginia. I had my first session today, baking with the owner. We made Irish Soda Bread and the typical white country loaf we make at the restaurant.

Even better, they want me to make tons of different types of bread- really branching out from the bread status quo there. I will, through trial and error I'm sure, make stuffed breads, whole wheat breads, sourdoughs and more! We will sell the bread at the restaurant and at the two farmer's markets in the area.

I will continue to make cakes, and during the time the bread is rising I will make more of the desserts for the restaurant, like cheesecakes and mousse. And icecream! Because starting this spring, we will offer home-made icecream.

And I will not wait tables anymore. I am thrilled.

This brings me one step closer to achieving the Master Plan.

Have I told you about the Master Plan? It involves owning a bakery that bakes breads and sweet baked goods that serves coffee and drinks (like home-made sodas) with comfortable space for people to meet, read, work and study. In an attached room, there will be books, books, books; a used bookstore. (The kind with good books, not just rows of trashy romance novels.) There will be local artists' work on the walls. I will throw the mugs and bowls for the place, and if you buy a mug, your coffee is discounted whenever you use it. If all this is successful, we will expand to the basement, where we will have beer and host live music.

Of course, I need to find an appropriate city for such a haven- one with people who appreciate such things, but not too many of them, because then they will already have too many coffee shops/bakeries.

And I'm starting my bread experience! Get ready for some bread pictures and recipes!


  1. this is great news! but i wish you were the one moving to virginia...

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post brings me too much excitement to contain in a comment.